Why Pakistani Celebrate Independence Day 14 August 2016

Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated on 14th of august every year with patriotic  zest.people use to go on national monuments in order to recall their memories about the history of Pakistan. on Independence Day many people show their patriotic zest in many ways such as most of them use to dress up in green and white colors.

Pakistan’s Independence Day

Independence Day is the much celebrated day in Pakistan as people use to visit their relatives and exchange gifts.we find Pakistan’s national flag everywhere on the 14th august. Children are much excited about Pakistan’s Independence Day.elders use to tell them about the movement of pakistan in detail in order to make them well informed about the history of Pakistan. Pakistan’s National flag is hoisted on all buildings.pakistan’s priminister use to give a patriotic speech on pkistan’s national television. Which produces enthusiesm and national brotherhood in all the nation

14th August and History of Pakistan movement

The history of Pakistan is based on lots of sacrifices and struggle. Muslim empire ruled in sub-continent over 600 years and faced their decline due to growing strength of East India company. British Government took the charge over sub-continet and ruled there from 1849-1947. Great Muslim leaders such as Sir sayed Ahmed Khan and Sir Ameer Ali who considered themselves to come on the front for political betterment of the Sub-Continent Muslims. In order to make them realize about the importance of getting pace with the time.

Independence day and National flag’s wallpapers

Pakistan’s independence is achieved after many sacrifices and great struggle. This is the reason that this day is celebrated with national zest. Pakistan’s media is much active on Independence Day, we find national songs and national anthem on every channel. Social media is much active on Independence Day as we find Pakistan’s national flag in form of 14th August wallpapers in a full range.we are also giving some wallpapers related to this great day of independence in our blog. All Pakistanis use to greet each other on Independence day. Thus it becomes the Happy independence day for the whole nation.

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